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Gaming licenses granted to individuals must be renewed every year, and licensing authorities have broad discretion with regard to such renewals. We would incur additional costs if any of our gaming facilities were not in compliance with one or more of these regulations.

Regulations of the Mississippi Gaming Commission prohibit certain repurchases of securities of publicly traded corporations registered with the Mississippi Gaming Commission, including holding companies such as ours, without prior approval of the Mississippi Gaming Commission. The Florida Riverboat gambling act grants to the Florida Division full regulatory power over all permitholders and licensees, including the power to revoke or suspend any permit or license upon the willful violation by a permitholder or a licensee of the Florida Law. The Colorado Commission also has the right to request information from any person directly or indirectly interested in, or employed by, a gamboing, and to investigate the moral character, honesty, integrity, prior activities, criminal record, suncoast casino cruz, habits and associations of: The Louisiana Gaming Control Board may gamblong an emergency order for not more than ten days prohibiting payment of profits, income or accruals by, or investments in, a licensee. Mississippi law prohibits us from making a riverboat gambling act offering of our securities without the approval of the Mississippi Gaming Commission if any part of the proceeds of the offering is to be used to finance rjverboat construction, acquisition or operation qct gaming facilities in Mississippi, or to retire or extend obligations incurred for one or more such purposes.

The Riverboat Gambling Act was enacted in February , making Illinois the second state in the nation to legalize riverboat gambling. In September , the. By the early s, the Illinois riverboat was all but extinct yet gambling continued, The Riverboat Gambling Act authorized ten licenses throughout the state. A riverboat casino is a type of casino on a riverboat found in several states in the United States facilities of hotels, restaurants, etc. in states along the Gulf Coast, several states changed their enabling legislation or amended constitutions.

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